PSAC taking action on Phoenix

PSAC has worked hard to secure support for those impacted by Phoenix. Know your rights—and how to access the services and support you’re entitled to.

  • Successfully secured compensation for out-of-pocket expenses for things like banking fees or interest charges related to late or missed payments and other expenses incurred due to pay problems.
  • Secured support for people on disability, maternity, and parental leave through court action (the writ of mandamus).
  • Forced the government to expand access to emergency pay for those who are underpaid or missing entitlements.
  • Raising public awareness and lobbying Members of Parliament.
  • Representing and supporting members at every stage of their Phoenix pay problems.
  • Negotiated measures to attract and retain compensation advisors who are needed in the both the pay centre and back in the departments.
  • Secured labour board declaration that the government broke the law when they failed to meet collective agreement deadlines.

We’ll keep fighting for you. But we need your help to keep the pressure on.